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Stepping to the stage is: Book Bliss The Premier Marketing Mag

We often have inquiries if we offer any promotional and marketing services. We also are often asked for recommendations or a listing for editors and other literary services. As a result, we’ve decided to offer a helping hand. Word-of-mouth? No, we’re offering you word of mag! Publishers, authors, editors, typesetters, graphic designers, reviewers and other literary professionals, advertise your services in Book Bliss, the premier marketing mag and guide. List your product or services for as low as $10.00!

OOSA Online Book Club presents its 3rd annual PAJAMA JAM on October 26, 2013. This year’s Pajama Jam includes authors Chris Renee, Justin ‘Amen’ Floyd, Alex Richardson, Moses Miller and Wahida Clark.

We are offering an opportunity for promotion to our literary family. Book Bliss will be produced in conjunction with the annual Pajama Jam. All attendees will receive a copy. Our attendees include authors, aspiring authors, readers, and book club members. Book Bliss will also be distributed to our physical mailing list.

This opportunity is open to all with literary-related products and/or services. Similar products and services will be grouped together.

Space is limited. No spots will be saved without payment.


GOOD: Name, one book title, and web site - $10.00
BETTER: Books, web site (half-page) - $25.00
BEST: Picture/logo, bio, books, web site (full-page) - $50.00

In the above breakdown, the word ‘book’ is used. If your product/service does not include a book or books, the ad will be tailor-made for your product or service.

Listings will be in black and white, much like the Yellow Pages. Limited availability for color ads. Inquire directly at for color ad availability and pricing.

Images and information for ads should be sent to after payment with confirmation number.

Please note: All payments to be made via PayPal:

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  1. This is a great idea. What is the deadline for promotion? Thanks in advance.