OOSA Pajama Jam

OOSA Pajama Jam
October 27, 2012 - St. Louis, Missouri

Nakia Laushaul ✓
Maxx Kilbourne ✓
Monique D. Mensah ✓
K'wan Write To Eat ✓
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OOSA Pajama Jam 2012

Back by popular demand! Author, publisher, agent, she’s a woman of many talents. We are happy to announce Pajama Jam 2012 featured author: Brenda Hampton!

What: OOSA Pajama Jam
When: October 27, 2012
Who: Brenda Hampton, K'wan, Monique Mensah, Maxx Kilbourne, and Nakia Laushaul!

Tickets will go on sale soon. Be there OR hear about it!

OOSA Pajama Jam 2012

The streets needed a voice, so he spoke up. He is the national bestselling author of over 10 novels. We are happy to announce Pajama Jam 2012 featured author: K'wan!

What: OOSA Pajama Jam
When: October 27, 2012
Who: K'wan, Monique Mensah, Maxx Kilbourne, Nakia Laushaul and…the next author will be revealed tomorrow!

OOSA Pajama Jam 2012

This award winning author’s name is synonymous with dark dramas and psychological thrillers. We are happy to announce Pajama Jam 2012 featured author: Monique D. Mensah!

What: OOSA Pajama Jam
When: October 27, 2012
Who: Monique Mensah, Maxx Kilbourne, Nakia Laushaul and…the next author will be revealed tomorrow!

OOSA Pajama Jam 2012

Last year he was the only male brave enough to hold it down with a room full of women in their pajamas. We are happy to announce he will be returning this year as a featured author: Maxx Kilbourne!

What: OOSA Pajama Jam
When: October 27, 2012
Who: Maxx Kilbournee,  Nakia Naushaul and…the next author will be revealed tomorrow!

OOSA Pajama Jam 2012

Her debut novel was awarded the 2011 USA Book News Best Book Award for African American Fiction. We are happy to announce Pajama Jam 2012 featured author: Nakia Laushaul!

What: OOSA Pajama Jam
When: October 27, 2012
Who: Nakia Laushaul and…the next author will be revealed tomorrow!


Stepping to the stage is: Moses Miller

The other day a young man in his mid-twenties asked me what he could do to help the youth in our community. I'll be the first to admit that I am not a qualified expert in that area. There are plenty of people with platforms, PHDs and other qualifications that make them more suitable to offer a solution. There are thousands of people in the trenches, sacrificing their time and energy to make a difference daily, doing a lot more than I could ever claim. I did respond to his inquiry, and I'll share what I said momentarily, but first let me provide a little detail regarding my dilemma. The problem is, sometimes I think I'm crazy. Not in a tight straight jacket, prescription medicine diet sort of way, but I'm different. My lens is obscured. My moral compass still provides accurate readings. So there are certain things I don't get, can't grasp and probably never will.

For instance, I've never sold drugs, so I don't understand the honor that comes along with wearing a badge that signifies that you played a role in destroying lives, generations and communities. I don't go to strip clubs, so I don't get why someone would brag about paying to see somebody strip. To me, that's sort of embarrassing. I have a beautiful and supportive wife and four children (three of which are girls), so I can't understand the gratitude that someone would get from treating females like whores or sexual objects. Money doesn't move me, so I can't get any gratification from bragging about how much cash or material items I possess. I appreciate what I have, and treat it as such. So I definitely can't relate to why someone would think it's cool to say they Blow Money Fast or make it rain. I'm crazy. Some might say certifiable.

So, when people ask me my opinion, I feel like it holds little value. I see things differently than most. However, I offered the brother who asked that question about the youth in our community a few nuggets of my own to use as food for thought. I told him to imagine if as men, we actually lived our lives like the men we pretended to be when we were trying to lie up with the female we impregnated. Imagine if we were actually the fathers we promised to be when that female agreed to have our child. Imagine if we were actually the fathers we pretend to be when we talk to other people about our children. Imagine if we all made an oath to be better fathers than the ones we had (even if we were raised by a good father), and agreed to spend more time nurturing, mentoring and educating our children. Imagine how our communities would actually change if as men we just did those simple things. And so he looked at me like I was crazy, as he should have, because I am. I do think that it's just that simple. I believe that the conditions in our worst communities can change drastically if we did those basic things.

So, I write suspenseful page turners to entertain people like “The Trifling Times of Nathan Jones,” “The Game of Trife or “The Trifecta.” And then I write books like “The Barack in Me” and “Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Young Like You,” to further enlighten my readers and their children, because I recognize a need. And then while readers are eagerly anticipating that next novel from me, I decide to go back to college to get another Masters degree, so I can motivate and educate our children living in a low income community. I saw more value in saving some lives, than selling some books. Yes, I'm crazy, but at least I know it.

See, when the people who mentored me through life told me to pay it forward, I actually listened. When Jackie Robinson said, "A life is not important, except in the impact it has on other lives," I believed him. So, the crazier I believe I am, the more I'm reminded of Albert Einstein who defined insanity as doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. Then I think, is it me who is really the crazy one? I wonder how many people are crazy by Albert Einstein's standards, doing the same things over and over again as if something will change.

Imagine if we all just did one thing differently in a positive way each day, the difference we could all make...how our communities would be impacted...how the outlook for our youth would change. I know, that sounds crazy, right?

Moses Miller is an author, journalist and co-founder of Mind Candy, LLC, a company focused on book publishing and the development of creative and thought provoking screenplays. A native New Yorker, Moses exhibits the uncanny ability to capture the pulse of the streets with intelligence, strong character development and well thought out storylines. He holds a Bachelors degree in Business Management and a Masters of Science degree in Technology Management obtained from Polytechnic University.

A'ndrea J. Wilson

It is FOR and ABOUT authors. Here we shine the light on authors who we’ve read, reviewed and recommend to others. In this edition we are shining our light on another gifted author...

A'ndrea J. Wilson's love for books extends back to swapping Babysitter’s Club titles with her neighborhood friends in her hometown of Rochester, New York. By ninth grade, she begged her parents for a computer (they were huge and expensive back then), and upon getting one for Christmas, she began writing short stories and the beginnings of young adult novels. A’ndrea’s love for writing led to her transferring out of her regular high school to a school of arts where she began to develop her craft and learn the fundamentals of writing as a creative writing major.

A’ndrea went on to pursue careers in psychology and education, earning a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, a Master’s degree in marriage and family counseling, and a Doctoral degree in global leadership/educational leadership. Despite her shift in careers, reading and writing were always close to her heart. In May of 2009, after struggling through her first business, she published her first book, "My Business His Way: Wisdom and Inspiration for Entrepreneurs." Six months later she released her first novel, "The Things We Said We Would Never Do."

Since the release of her first titles in 2009, A’ndrea has authored and coauthored ten books. She frequently crosses genres, having published nonfiction, fiction, adult, and young adult books. Unlike most authors, A’ndrea does have a favorite, "Wife 101." The Wife 101 Series, which features "Wife 101," as well as "The Wife 101 Workbook" and the upcoming sequel, "Husband 101," merges fiction and nonfiction as A’ndrea explores dating, marriage, and faith using fictional characters.


What is your favorite salty snack? French fries, hands down! And not the Ore-Ida kind. The crinkle cut kind that comes in a 10 lb. bag with no label on it.

What is your ringtone and why? The standard telephone ring for two reasons: 1) I’m too cheap to pay $2.99 for a ringtone that I’m going to either lose when I switch phones (which is often) or get sick of after the 100thtime hearing it (about a month later) and, 2) I don’t want to be in the middle of a professional conversation, my phone goes off, and all you hear is, "Come and put your name on it." (Rihanna’s Birthday Cake). Nope. So embarrassing!

Which would you win – a dance off or a cook off? Trick question. It depends. If it’s an 80’s/90’s dance off, the trophy is mine! 2012? I don’t know how to do any of these new dances. Do they even name dances anymore? On the other hand, if the cook off is specializing in sweets/baking, I got this. But if they put me up against someone named Ruthie Mae from some country town in South Carolina, it’s a wrap. I mean, really! Who can beat Ruthie?

If you had one wish, what would it be? I would wish for a million more wishes. I know it’s cheating, but you would do that same.

Who is someone from your past that you're sorry you lost track of? Thanks to Facebook it’s hard to lose track of anyone…even the people I want to lose track of. Uh, next question.

If your life had a soundtrack, what song would you pick for it? "God in Me" by Mary Mary. I’ve had people close to me say that they think things come easy for me. It’s not easy; it’s just faith and favor.

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook all day, every day.

If someone were to judge me by the clothes I wear, they would say…She must work from home.

Pizza isn't pizza if it doesn't have: Extra cheese! And the cheese better not be burnt!

What’s your least favorite household chore? I loathe washing dishes. It should be against the law to have houses/apartments not equipped with a functioning dishwasher.

What’s next for A’ndrea?

Currently A’ndrea keeps herself busy with various responsibilities, including working as a college professor, writing for Book Club 101 Magazine, chairing The Ladies of the Dove Literary Festival, being an active member of two book clubs, and managing her publishing company, Divine Garden Press. In her downtime, she enjoys traveling, hanging out with friends, trying out new restaurants, and of course, reading every book she can get her hands on. In offering words of wisdom to new authors and aspiring authors, she states, "Being a writer/author is not about the glam or glitz, the titles, the praise, or anything that people often make it out to be. It is about influencing lives through your written words. You are responsible for what you write. Sometimes you touch only one person, but sometimes you touch the world. Make your written words count."


"I enjoyed this book so much I read it in one sitting. I didn't get to sleep until early the next morning but it was well worth it. I had to know what was going to happen…Great job A'ndrea!" - Mary Monroe, New York Times Bestselling Author of "God Ain't Through Yet"

"I love a grown woman's book with grown women issues…Kudos to writer A'ndrea Wilson for striking such an enjoyable balance. It was a rewarding read and one that I could easily recommend to others. I look forward to reading more from this author in the future." - OOSA

"This book is a fun and insightful look at friendships and relationships. I look forward to reading more from this author." - Jennifer Paige-Robinson


"I found it to be a very easy read as well as relatable in many different ways…I enjoyed reading ‘Wife 101’ and will continue to read more of Andrea's novels in the future." - OOSA

"…an insightful, relative and eye-opening read…I LOVE ‘Wife 101’ and highly recommend to all! In fact, I believe that it would make for a very interesting book club read as the women can share, learn and understand together." - Nardsbaby

"Wilson has written a story that transcends all boundaries…This book is clearly winner that I will be purchasing as gifts for friends that cross my path. Definitely a top 5 read for 2012." - Deltareviewer

"A'ndrea Wilson has accomplished what many Christian authors fail at - she writes a Christian fiction story which is completely realistic and relatable. Wilson keeps an equal mix of fictional references without one overshadowing the other…I highly recommend ‘Wife 101.’" – T. M. Craig

For more information about A’ndrea, please visit:
www.andreawilsononline.com or www.wife101.com.

Coming Soon...

This Week’s Reviews Include…

This Week’s Reviews Include…

Harvey Butaleon Degree Sr.

It is FOR and ABOUT authors. Here we shine the light on authors who we’ve read, reviewed and recommend to others. In this edition we are shining our light on another gifted author...

Harvey Butaleon Degree Sr., a native of North Carolina, wrote articles and poetry as a member of his high school’s yearbook staff and newspaper. He enlisted in the Navy and served duty in Adak, Alaska; Jacksonville where he wrote articles for the Adak Call newspaper. Harvey wrote his first book, “The Pedestal,” in 1995 after successfully writing and performing in three plays for his church. He followed that up with his second novel, “Lone Assumption.”

Harvey is a graduate of the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor of Computer Science degree, Visual Communication and Graphic Design. He also received a Certificate of Recognition from the Cleveland County Board of Commissioners for his volunteer work within the community. Harvey has a wide range of interest that include playing drums, writing novels, writing and recording song lyrics, reading, building web sites, and working on computers.


What is the most dangerous thing you have done? Dangle my legs out the cargo door of a Navy helicopter when I was stationed aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS Forrestal CV-59. We were high above the Atlantic Ocean and I was safely harnessed to a long cord secured to the wall of the copter. It was exciting.

Pepsi or Coke? Coke when I drink sodas. Now I only drink Kangen water with Crystal Lite flavoring.

What, in today's society, do you feel should be free but is not? I feel the Internet should be free because Paul Baran, who helped create it, built it to be so. Commercial minds took over and now we pay for it.

I never leave home without: I never leave home without my organizer. It has my credit cards, business cards, to-do list, spare cash, and a copy of my DD-214.

Do you have any allergies? I am allergic to hard work.

You'd be surprised to know that I can't: Do the Electric Slide even though I have won first place in two dance contests. I can’t follow instructions, I prefer free styling.

Who do you think you are most like in your family? I’m most like my Uncle Aqeel El-Amin. I’m an independent thinker, Navy veteran and writer, and so is Uncle Aqeel.

What color best describes you or stands for your personality? I love wearing black because it’s a moody color and an open canvass to creative expression.

What is the ideal comfort food? A good German Chocolate cake is my comfort food.

What is more important than a good night's sleep? When I hit a golden vein and the nuggets of good writing flow, I bleed it dry.

What’s next for Harvey? Currently he is working on his next book, a science fiction novel I titled “Vengeance,” and a play.


“Harvey Butaleon Degree, Sr.'s descriptions made me feel as if I was right there as everything happened or like I was watching a movie. Although it started out slow, it picked up and finished strong.” - OOSA


"The story line flows nicely and had enough twists and turns to keep the reader engaged and flipping the pages for more.” - OOSA

“This author has put together such a great suspense story that captured my attention from the first paragraph until the final word. The ending was such a surprise that it lead me to reread the book thinking that I missed something. The author relates the relationships between male/female, have/have not, educated/not so educated in such a realistic way. I have referred the book to several co-workers and friends.” - Margie

For more information about Harvey Degree, please visit his blog:

Operation Nomination

Stepping to the stage is: All Things Literary: Operation Nomination

Operation: NOMINATION was a success! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all that participated in the nomination process for the ALL THINGS LITERARY Awards.The response was overwhelming and the sheer diversity of the nominees outstanding. It is our hope to honor great writing and great writers, and we thank you for helping us with that.

The nomination process is closed, so what’s next? Now is when the real work begins. QUALITY as opposed to quantity is the driving force behind the awards. As such, the winners will be determined not merely by a popular vote by the public.

A list of eligible entries will be compiled and sent to a confidential advisory committee. The committee will narrow down the nominees. The finalists will be asked to submit their complete novel via electronic submission. The works of the finalists will be read and evaluated by a panel of judges according to specific guidelines. The judging panel is made up of readers from across the U.S., men and women of varying ages whose tastes expand the spectrum and include all genres. In order to get back to the basics – the craft of writing – judging will be done BLINDLY. The panel will receive the final submissions for judging void of any identifying information, meaning they will receive books minus the titles and authors’ names. The nominees will not know the identity of the judges. The judges will not know the identity of the nominees. The judges will not know the identity of the other judges. The judges will not even know which category the submissions are for. To keep with the integrity of the awards and so that there is no partiality or bias, everything is BLIND. It’s all about the writing. The winners will be determined through guidelines, including areas such as creativity, editing and character development, and a point system that will be followed by each of the judges.

Only after the judging process is over will the nominees be announced publicly. However, the identity of the judges will remain confidential. All parties have entered into a legally binding agreement to ensure the integrity and seriousness of the ALL THINGS LITERARY Awards.

One winner will be selected per category (Best Male Author, Best Female Author and Best Book) as determined through guidelines and a point system that will be followed by each of the judges.

The winners will be announced in St Louis at OOSA’s Pajama Book Jam in October.

In addition, the Brenda Hampton Honorary Literacy Award winner will be announced. The winner of this award represents unique individuals who put forth every effort to uphold the standards of African American Literature. This honor includes writers, reviewers, editors, and publishers, agents…all who have remained dedicated to the cause for years, who have inspired many others along the way and who have had a great impact on the industry as a whole.

About Us:
The All Things Literary Awards is presented by OOSA Online Book Club, an award-winning book club and reviewing team founded in 2005.