Readcessorize with... Romance

This genre can be defined as a celebration of falling in love. Focusing on romantic love, romance novels revolve around the expressive and pleasurable feelings when two people develop a love for each other.  A romance novel must have an "emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending."  There are many, many that write in this genre.  Unfortunately, we are not able to highlight them all, but we'd like to highlight just a few today -

If you've never read any of these authors, give them a try. If you've never read this genre, give it a try.

These Romance Authors are OOSA Approved.

Readcessorize with... Mystery/Thriller/Suspense

Sometimes the three are presented as separate genres, and sometimes they're lumped together as they are closely related.  For the sake of this recommendation, we are doing the latter.  Mysteries, thrillers and suspense generally feature a character or characters trying to get at the truth of something, or prevent some bad thing from happening.  Elements such as tension, suspense, excitement and anticipation keep the reading audience alert.  There are many, many that write in this genre.  Unfortunately we are not able to highlight them all, but we'd like to highlight just a few today -

If you've never read any of these authors, give them a try. If you've never read this genre, give it a try.

These Mystery/Thriller/Suspense Authors are OOSA Approved.

Readcessorize with... Christian Fiction

This genre is defined as any novel that expounds and illustrates a Christian world view in its plot, its characters, or both, or which deals with Christian themes in a positive way.  Books in this genre mix emotions, faith, conflict, everyday life issues and God.  There are many, many that write in this genre.  Unfortunately, we are not able to highlight them all, but we'd like to highlight just a few today -

If you've never read any of these authors, give them a try.  If you've never read this genre, give it a try.

These Christian Authors are OOSA Approved.

E. Lemont Goode Jr.

It is FOR and ABOUT authors. Here we shine the light on authors who we’ve read, reviewed and recommend to others. In this edition we are shining our light on another gifted author...

An award-winning high school journalist, Goode's journalism career continued into his early college years before stalling as his academic pursuits intensified. After the Little Rock, Arkansas, native graduated from Park University in Kansas City, Missouri, with a degree in Computer Information Systems Management, his writing career was later revived as he performed freelance work for a local publication. With his passion for writing rekindled, he began working in earnest on a concept about four childhood friends that he'd started developing while still in college. Less than two years later, his debut novel was officially released.

While still a journalist at heart, Goode has narrowed his current focus to creative writing, presently working on his third novel while also branching off into the script-writing arena. A talented versatile writer capable of creating content across different platforms, the renaissance writer's career continues to blossom as E. Lemont Goode, Jr. hopes to ultimately claim his spot among the writing elite.

E. Lemont Goode, Jr. is the critically acclaimed author of novels "Game" and "Sex, Lies, and Child Support: The Unholy Trinity."


What television series would people be surprised that you watch? "Dateline NBC" with "60 Minutes" being a close second. I'm an undercover nerd, and so the fact that “Dateline” and “60 Minutes” is considered must-see TV for me would be a shock to many.

What is your favorite season of the year and why? Um, I'mma say...Football season. I know most people acknowledge four seasons, but there are really only three seasons in the Goode household: Football season, Basketball season, and Summer.

As a kid, I loved to play with: My balls. Basketball. Football. Baseball. At any given moment, it was rare that you'd see me without my balls in my hands. I love my balls to this day :-D

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? I'm a southern guy living in the midwest, but I feel that I'm really an east coaster at heart. I'd love to live in a Harlem loft. A close second would be PG County, Maryland. I LOVE being around progressive, forward-thinking African Americans.

Pizza isn't pizza if it doesn't have...aside from the basics (sauce and cheese), it's gotta have pepperoni. Jalapenos are good, too, but I'm used to not getting my way with that since I'm the only one in my household that can stand spicy foods.

What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? OK, it's keep-it-real time. Honestly, it depends on which way she's facing...LOL. If her back is to me, then it'll be the butt, hips, and thigh areas. If she's facing me, usually her face will command the first glance, but a prominent chest will ALWAYS gain attention, and if a man tells you otherwise he's lying.

Boxers or briefs? Boxers, all day e'rr day.

What is the one reason you couldn't wait to grow up? Having my own space that was truly all my own. Once I tasted "freedom" I knew I'd work three jobs if need be in order to keep it.

If I could I'd...magically make $10 billion appear in my portfolio. I'd grow my media company and invest a great portion of my time and resources into developing a comprehensive educational system tailored towards African Americans that would take us from "B" to "C." (Dr. King took us from "A" to "B" but we've been stuck at "B" for some time)

What's your favorite thing to do on a Saturday night? Well, if it's my favorite season, I'll be in front of a TV somewhere watching a college football game. Other times of the year, I'll either be at home with the family or out on the town spending time with the lovely Mrs. Goode.


“GAME is an enjoyable read that deals with loyalty, honesty, greed and friendship. The depth of friendship each of the characters displayed was not only touching but also refreshing. The writing was good and the characters were well-developed. Goode teaches us true friends are hard to come by and when you find them, hold on to them.” - The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

“This book has a great story line and characters that everyone can identify with…. I actually didn't want this book to end...that's how good it was!” - KC Girlfriends Book Club

“Great story and I would recommend this book. Thank you Mr. E. Lemont Goode Jr. for a great story!!!” - Savvy Sistahs Book Club


“This book has all the makings of a television show. It was a page-turner and even though it had minor errors, it still kept my attention until the end. These characters have alternative motives and they do not care about the consequences, which makes the storyline even more entertaining. I recommend ‘Sex, Lies & Child Support’ to others.” - APOOO BookClub

“E. Lemont Goode, Jr. created the perfect potion to love, greed, deceit, deception, lust, betrayal, adultery, and murder. You will not be dissatisfied with his book so run out and get yourself a copy. My hat comes off for E. Lemont Goode, Jr. for a great read.” – OOSA

“From the first page this book had me hooked. There was nonstop drama, and a tangled web of lies so thick, that I was anxiously turning each page. Mr. Goode is an exceptional writer and this book is indicative of his great talent.” – FLAVOR Book Club

So You Have Written a Book and Want a Book Review, Now What? (Part 6)

“I'm not one of those people who says, 'I never read reviews,' because I don't believe those people.” - Marvin Hamlisch

As a book club we are often contacted by authors and publishers about reviews. In the hopes of providing useful, helpful, practical and accurate information as a reference guide, we’ve decided to offer a series of Open Mic pieces where we go straight to the “horse’s mouth,” so to speak. For this sixth guide, we’ve reached out to a few reviewers and book clubs for their tips and advice to authors looking for a review for their book(s). Collectively, this group has several years of experience, penned thousands of reviews and has a wealth of knowledge.

Each reviewer/book club was simply asked one question – What advice or tips would you give to an author looking for book reviews?

Urban Reviews: Make sure that you follow the exact guidelines that the book review site has. If the reviewer wants you to submit a one chapter excerpt, don't submit a paragraph excerpt. Also, please make sure that your work is properly edited.

Urban Reviews is the premier online resource for open and honest opinions on some of today's latest and greatest releases in African-American Fiction. Urban Reviews provides elaborate reviews of recent works.

TaNisha Webb: Here are 5 tips for authors when submitting books for reviews to book clubs:

Look for the book club’s book submission process and what the book club looks for in a book so that you're aware and agreeable to how your book will be reviewed.

Check to see which genres the book club will accept. This will insure that your book will be read by someone that enjoys and is familiar with your genre.

Check to see how long it will take for the book club to read and post your review. This is especially helpful if you're trying to receive a review back in a specific timeframe.

If you receive an unfavorable or do not understand a review it's okay to ask for an explanation or clarification. Just remember that all books aren't for every reader but a valid reason should be given.

Not all 5 star reviews are good reviews if the reviewer cannot give valid reasons why your book deserves 5 stars.

TaNisha Webb is the founder of Book Club 101 University, publisher and editor in chief for Book Club 101 Magazine, and the author of The Ultimate Book Club Experience: How to Create & Maintain a Successful Book Club.

Book Referees: Become acquainted with the reviewer – Join/check out their blog – read a few of their postings – become familiar with the kinds of genres they read/review. I have had authors send me a generic form letter that stated things about my blog that wasn’t true. (For example: Dear Mrs. Simmons, I see you are a big fan of science fiction…. WRONG ANSWER!!)

When submitting a book for review – Be professional. Enclose a short bio and a few promotional post cards/bookmarks. (If the reviewer enjoyed your book… they have something to give to their friends/family/blog readers to help promote your book)

The review book needs to be in perfect condition. Believe it or not, I once received an unbound book from an author. I opened the envelope – the book was in a clear sandwich bag and all of the pages were loose.

Commenting negatively to a review – Remember that you may not always receive a favorable review. If you don’t agree with the reviewer – you should respectfully email that reviewer and ask them what/where they found fault in your writing. I understand that an author can be sensitive about their work, but you have to also remember you are catering to the public/your readers. Even though you think your book is a 5-Star book, the reviewer may or may not agree. You can always agree to disagree in a RESPECTFUL way. You have to understand word of mouth is a powerful tool. The most important thing for an author to REMEMBER – there was a reason you trusted that reviewer in the first place.

Book Referees was created to reinforce the importance of book reviews. As an online book review club we promote authors and books that we feel will have a great impact in the Literary World.

OOSA: As with anything in business and particularly this industry, authors need to do research. What one book club or reviewer does doesn’t necessarily apply to all. Not all book clubs review and not all reviewers review everything. Never assume anything. Also, because someone claims to be something does not make it so. Be careful with whom you decide to send your books to. In the case of reviews, the proof is in the reviews.

Part of doing your research or homework is to find book clubs and reviewers that fit your book. If an author writes explicit erotica, a book club or reviewer that only reads Christian fiction may not be a good fit. If an author writes strictly street lit, a book club or reviewer that only reads sci-fi or romance is probably not the right choice. Things like this can be discovered about a reviewer or book club by simply reviewing their site and/or reading through their reviews. Regarding book clubs, make sure it's a club that even offers reviews. All book clubs are not the same. Find reviewers that are interested in books similar to yours.

Look at the quality of reviews. Be leery of those that love every book or hate every book. Look for well-written reviews. Look for reviews, whether good or bad, that explain the reviewer’s opinion. Why was the book so great? Why was the book so bad?

Contact potential reviewers directly in a personal message. Don't send a blanket email or FB message that is going out to several individuals at once. Start your message by addressing/greeting the book club or reviewer by name. Second, introduce yourself. Third, state your purpose and make it clear. Be professional. Be formal. Check your spelling and grammar. Be precise and to the point. Potential reviewers are not going to read your email if it's a book in itself. If you want to be taken seriously you have to present yourself as such. First impressions are lasting impressions.

When considering the reviewer’s guidelines, follow them precisely. You'd be surprised at the number of authors that don't read and/or follow directions. It can be the difference between your request being accepted or denied. If your book is accepted for review, send it in a timely manner.

Keep tract of those that you have contacted. Nothing screams disorganization or unprofessional more than an author that contacts you repeatedly about the same book or about a book you have already reviewed.

Have a realistic timeframe. Having an unrealistic timeframe often causes misunderstandings and unnecessary issues. One week or two is not realistic, at least not for reviewers/clubs that do serious reviewing. If you send your book to a reputable book club/reviewer, keep in mind that so did many others and before you. Reviews can take weeks or months simply because of the volume of books ahead of yours. Most reviewers review for pleasure and still have a job and have other responsibilities in life. Avoid those that offer rushed reviews, charges for reviews, give you a review back in less than a week, or solicit authors for review books as often these practices compromise the integrity of reviews.

Ask questions of potential reviewers so that there is a clear understanding. Don't assume anything. And most importantly, if you just want someone to cosign you're the greatest, you just want a 5-star rating or endorsement, then don't bother seeking reviews.

Once your review is complete, whether you agree, like or love the review, thank your reviewer. You are not thanking the reviewer for the review per se; you are thanking the reviewer for their time.

To sum it all up: Authors, exercise due diligence. Do your RESEARCH. Never ASSUME. ASK questions. Behave PROFESSIONALLY.

OOSA Online Book Club is an online book club and reviewing team that focuses on African American authors and is dedicated to giving honest reviews.

*bell rings*

Class is over. See you in two weeks with the next Open Mic!

He Said/She Said: Pajama Jam Edition

Stepping to the stage are: Alex Richardson and Tracy Cooper


Earlier in the week, I didn’t know if I was going to make the Pajama Jam. My knee was giving me the blues. But after being off from my job for a week, and I do say job because writing is my career, I felt better so I headed off to St. Louis. With hopes of meeting readers, other authors and the ladies of OOSA, I anticipated having a good time.

As soon I arrived at the Embassy Suites, I was met by Ms. Toni, who recognized me from my photos. I had never met her before and the pleasure was all mine. I got settled in then went downstairs to the lobby and the bar and was ready to do my thing—meet readers! It didn’t take long before I began doing as planned, giving out books. When the first woman came to me, she asked how much for the book and when I told her they were free, the fun began. I meet many beautiful women who showed me so much love. Not from just getting a free autographed copy, but from our conversation. Before they even entered the Pajama Jam, they received an autographed book. It was my way of saying to all of the women, thanks for your, smile, sincerity, love of reading and support of the authors and the ladies of OOSA.

I looked at my watch and noticed it was after 6:00p.m. Time had flown by, and I needed to hurry and get dressed in my PJs so I could join in on the fun. Once inside I was blown away by all the women who had come from as far away as New York, Louisiana and Texas just to name a few places. Bottom line, they all traveled to have fun—the literary way. Awards, dancing, games, dinner, drinks, gifts, prizes, books and pictures with authors were what attendees were showered with. At the end of the event, those who didn’t win one of the many and I mean many, prizes that were given out (special thanks to all of you out there who donated) needed not to worry. They were sent home with a gift bag of their own. I must say beyond all that OOSA does for authors and readers alike, they have initiated something that gives everyone the opportunity to meet, greet and stomp their feet with joy and that’s the OOSA ONLINE BOOK CLUB PAJAMA JAM.

I didn’t say much about the men who were in attendance, so I guess I better. It was good to see some brothers there, and I’m sure they had just as good a time as I. So, all you male readers out there, for one night, this was the place to be. Catch us next year because it is sure to be even better. (I guess I was being a little selfish for us men who were in attendance by not telling the party is for men, also. But hey, why not? When it was about a seven to one ratio of women to men, and all the women were Queens!)

ALEX RICHARDSON is known as an author of many genres including the successful “The Corner” series. He has written Street Fiction, Erotica, and True Crime and a Suspense/Thriller. You can contact him at or on facebook-Alex Richardson or Alex Richardson Books.


The 2nd Annual OOSA Book Club Pajama Jam was in full effect. The Embassy Suites in St. Louis will never be the same. Die hard readers and world class authors all clad in pajamas brought their Grown & Sexy to take part in a fun-filled night of nonstop entertainment. Brenda Hampton warmly greeted guests that traveled near and far just to see her as well as the other featured authors. It was my second year coming by way of Indianapolis, Indiana, and as I entered the room I felt the positive vibes and was pleased I returned.

Laughter filled the air, as everyone mingled with their favorite authors. The ladies of OOSA brought their BOOK SWAG as Crystal busied herself introducing authors to readers and readers to authors. By the end of the evening there wasn’t a stranger in the crowd. It felt like a family reunion where those that weren’t related by blood were bonded by their love of books.

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Team Brenda, Team K’wan, Team Nakia, Team Monique and Team Maxx were represented with teammates ready to win. Even though during the dance contest author Justin ‘Amen’ Floyd broke his alliance for a brief moment with Team Brenda to cut a rug with Monique during her turn at the Dance Contest. All the ladies popped, locked and dropped it, K’wan kept his moves tight and smooth but Maxx Kilbourne broke it down as his team members cheered him on. He returned the favor by hyping them up as they were in a close competition that night and Team Maxx was victorious.

AND THE AWARD GOES TO: K’wan. He earned the distinction of being the recipient of Brenda Hampton’s Honorary Literary Award. The response from the room agreed he was well- deserving. OOSA also announced the winners of their 1st ever All Things Literary Awards. Pajama Jam featured author Monique D. Mensah won Female Author of the Year. Again the love and cheers from the crowd filled the room.

OOSA gave the mic to last year’s featured authors Caroline McGill and Rose Jackson Beavers as well as allowing other authors in attendance a chance to introduce themselves to a supporting crowd. I am placing blame on the rum punch that kept me seated as I played the shy role, even though I know the crowd was welcoming. K’wan, Justin, Maxx and Alex Richardson, enjoyed the love from the ladies and they showed love and appreciation in return.

Through the midst of our revelry Ms. Toni reminded everyone of the recent passing of author Dee Stewart. As she was fondly and quietly remembered everyone signed a frame to be sent to her family to know that she would never be forgotten and many sent up prayers for her family.

The ladies of OOSA put on an unforgettable production. Their hard work and attention to detail paid off because a good time was had by all. Everyone held on to their autographed books, prizes and parting gift bags as if they won the lottery. This night, I saw new friendships formed that will continue over social networks for those where miles spread them apart. I saw readers excited and anxious to meet their favorite authors and they were even happier to find they were down to earth. Smiles were on every single face and departure for the attendees was long and bittersweet. The good food, dancing, team competitions and fellowship will last long in our memories as we look forward to next year to see what OOSA has to offer. Whatever it is, Lord willing, I will be there…Abso-OOSA-lutely with pajamas on.

Tracy L Cooper started off really young writing poems and short stories. She could always be found writing something. Today Tracy is the author of “Fannin' Old Flamez.” The sequel “Puttin' Out Firez” will be released in early 2013. She finds inspiration from her own personal experiences as well as friends or friends of friends. Tracy currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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