E. Lemont Goode Jr.

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An award-winning high school journalist, Goode's journalism career continued into his early college years before stalling as his academic pursuits intensified. After the Little Rock, Arkansas, native graduated from Park University in Kansas City, Missouri, with a degree in Computer Information Systems Management, his writing career was later revived as he performed freelance work for a local publication. With his passion for writing rekindled, he began working in earnest on a concept about four childhood friends that he'd started developing while still in college. Less than two years later, his debut novel was officially released.

While still a journalist at heart, Goode has narrowed his current focus to creative writing, presently working on his third novel while also branching off into the script-writing arena. A talented versatile writer capable of creating content across different platforms, the renaissance writer's career continues to blossom as E. Lemont Goode, Jr. hopes to ultimately claim his spot among the writing elite.

E. Lemont Goode, Jr. is the critically acclaimed author of novels "Game" and "Sex, Lies, and Child Support: The Unholy Trinity."


What television series would people be surprised that you watch? "Dateline NBC" with "60 Minutes" being a close second. I'm an undercover nerd, and so the fact that “Dateline” and “60 Minutes” is considered must-see TV for me would be a shock to many.

What is your favorite season of the year and why? Um, I'mma say...Football season. I know most people acknowledge four seasons, but there are really only three seasons in the Goode household: Football season, Basketball season, and Summer.

As a kid, I loved to play with: My balls. Basketball. Football. Baseball. At any given moment, it was rare that you'd see me without my balls in my hands. I love my balls to this day :-D

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? I'm a southern guy living in the midwest, but I feel that I'm really an east coaster at heart. I'd love to live in a Harlem loft. A close second would be PG County, Maryland. I LOVE being around progressive, forward-thinking African Americans.

Pizza isn't pizza if it doesn't have...aside from the basics (sauce and cheese), it's gotta have pepperoni. Jalapenos are good, too, but I'm used to not getting my way with that since I'm the only one in my household that can stand spicy foods.

What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? OK, it's keep-it-real time. Honestly, it depends on which way she's facing...LOL. If her back is to me, then it'll be the butt, hips, and thigh areas. If she's facing me, usually her face will command the first glance, but a prominent chest will ALWAYS gain attention, and if a man tells you otherwise he's lying.

Boxers or briefs? Boxers, all day e'rr day.

What is the one reason you couldn't wait to grow up? Having my own space that was truly all my own. Once I tasted "freedom" I knew I'd work three jobs if need be in order to keep it.

If I could I'd...magically make $10 billion appear in my portfolio. I'd grow my media company and invest a great portion of my time and resources into developing a comprehensive educational system tailored towards African Americans that would take us from "B" to "C." (Dr. King took us from "A" to "B" but we've been stuck at "B" for some time)

What's your favorite thing to do on a Saturday night? Well, if it's my favorite season, I'll be in front of a TV somewhere watching a college football game. Other times of the year, I'll either be at home with the family or out on the town spending time with the lovely Mrs. Goode.


“GAME is an enjoyable read that deals with loyalty, honesty, greed and friendship. The depth of friendship each of the characters displayed was not only touching but also refreshing. The writing was good and the characters were well-developed. Goode teaches us true friends are hard to come by and when you find them, hold on to them.” - The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

“This book has a great story line and characters that everyone can identify with…. I actually didn't want this book to end...that's how good it was!” - KC Girlfriends Book Club

“Great story and I would recommend this book. Thank you Mr. E. Lemont Goode Jr. for a great story!!!” - Savvy Sistahs Book Club


“This book has all the makings of a television show. It was a page-turner and even though it had minor errors, it still kept my attention until the end. These characters have alternative motives and they do not care about the consequences, which makes the storyline even more entertaining. I recommend ‘Sex, Lies & Child Support’ to others.” - APOOO BookClub

“E. Lemont Goode, Jr. created the perfect potion to love, greed, deceit, deception, lust, betrayal, adultery, and murder. You will not be dissatisfied with his book so run out and get yourself a copy. My hat comes off for E. Lemont Goode, Jr. for a great read.” – OOSA

“From the first page this book had me hooked. There was nonstop drama, and a tangled web of lies so thick, that I was anxiously turning each page. Mr. Goode is an exceptional writer and this book is indicative of his great talent.” – FLAVOR Book Club

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