He Said/She Said: Pajama Jam Edition

Stepping to the stage are: Alex Richardson and Tracy Cooper


Earlier in the week, I didn’t know if I was going to make the Pajama Jam. My knee was giving me the blues. But after being off from my job for a week, and I do say job because writing is my career, I felt better so I headed off to St. Louis. With hopes of meeting readers, other authors and the ladies of OOSA, I anticipated having a good time.

As soon I arrived at the Embassy Suites, I was met by Ms. Toni, who recognized me from my photos. I had never met her before and the pleasure was all mine. I got settled in then went downstairs to the lobby and the bar and was ready to do my thing—meet readers! It didn’t take long before I began doing as planned, giving out books. When the first woman came to me, she asked how much for the book and when I told her they were free, the fun began. I meet many beautiful women who showed me so much love. Not from just getting a free autographed copy, but from our conversation. Before they even entered the Pajama Jam, they received an autographed book. It was my way of saying to all of the women, thanks for your, smile, sincerity, love of reading and support of the authors and the ladies of OOSA.

I looked at my watch and noticed it was after 6:00p.m. Time had flown by, and I needed to hurry and get dressed in my PJs so I could join in on the fun. Once inside I was blown away by all the women who had come from as far away as New York, Louisiana and Texas just to name a few places. Bottom line, they all traveled to have fun—the literary way. Awards, dancing, games, dinner, drinks, gifts, prizes, books and pictures with authors were what attendees were showered with. At the end of the event, those who didn’t win one of the many and I mean many, prizes that were given out (special thanks to all of you out there who donated) needed not to worry. They were sent home with a gift bag of their own. I must say beyond all that OOSA does for authors and readers alike, they have initiated something that gives everyone the opportunity to meet, greet and stomp their feet with joy and that’s the OOSA ONLINE BOOK CLUB PAJAMA JAM.

I didn’t say much about the men who were in attendance, so I guess I better. It was good to see some brothers there, and I’m sure they had just as good a time as I. So, all you male readers out there, for one night, this was the place to be. Catch us next year because it is sure to be even better. (I guess I was being a little selfish for us men who were in attendance by not telling the party is for men, also. But hey, why not? When it was about a seven to one ratio of women to men, and all the women were Queens!)

ALEX RICHARDSON is known as an author of many genres including the successful “The Corner” series. He has written Street Fiction, Erotica, and True Crime and a Suspense/Thriller. You can contact him at www.millerbeachpublishing.com or on facebook-Alex Richardson or Alex Richardson Books.


The 2nd Annual OOSA Book Club Pajama Jam was in full effect. The Embassy Suites in St. Louis will never be the same. Die hard readers and world class authors all clad in pajamas brought their Grown & Sexy to take part in a fun-filled night of nonstop entertainment. Brenda Hampton warmly greeted guests that traveled near and far just to see her as well as the other featured authors. It was my second year coming by way of Indianapolis, Indiana, and as I entered the room I felt the positive vibes and was pleased I returned.

Laughter filled the air, as everyone mingled with their favorite authors. The ladies of OOSA brought their BOOK SWAG as Crystal busied herself introducing authors to readers and readers to authors. By the end of the evening there wasn’t a stranger in the crowd. It felt like a family reunion where those that weren’t related by blood were bonded by their love of books.

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Team Brenda, Team K’wan, Team Nakia, Team Monique and Team Maxx were represented with teammates ready to win. Even though during the dance contest author Justin ‘Amen’ Floyd broke his alliance for a brief moment with Team Brenda to cut a rug with Monique during her turn at the Dance Contest. All the ladies popped, locked and dropped it, K’wan kept his moves tight and smooth but Maxx Kilbourne broke it down as his team members cheered him on. He returned the favor by hyping them up as they were in a close competition that night and Team Maxx was victorious.

AND THE AWARD GOES TO: K’wan. He earned the distinction of being the recipient of Brenda Hampton’s Honorary Literary Award. The response from the room agreed he was well- deserving. OOSA also announced the winners of their 1st ever All Things Literary Awards. Pajama Jam featured author Monique D. Mensah won Female Author of the Year. Again the love and cheers from the crowd filled the room.

OOSA gave the mic to last year’s featured authors Caroline McGill and Rose Jackson Beavers as well as allowing other authors in attendance a chance to introduce themselves to a supporting crowd. I am placing blame on the rum punch that kept me seated as I played the shy role, even though I know the crowd was welcoming. K’wan, Justin, Maxx and Alex Richardson, enjoyed the love from the ladies and they showed love and appreciation in return.

Through the midst of our revelry Ms. Toni reminded everyone of the recent passing of author Dee Stewart. As she was fondly and quietly remembered everyone signed a frame to be sent to her family to know that she would never be forgotten and many sent up prayers for her family.

The ladies of OOSA put on an unforgettable production. Their hard work and attention to detail paid off because a good time was had by all. Everyone held on to their autographed books, prizes and parting gift bags as if they won the lottery. This night, I saw new friendships formed that will continue over social networks for those where miles spread them apart. I saw readers excited and anxious to meet their favorite authors and they were even happier to find they were down to earth. Smiles were on every single face and departure for the attendees was long and bittersweet. The good food, dancing, team competitions and fellowship will last long in our memories as we look forward to next year to see what OOSA has to offer. Whatever it is, Lord willing, I will be there…Abso-OOSA-lutely with pajamas on.

Tracy L Cooper started off really young writing poems and short stories. She could always be found writing something. Today Tracy is the author of “Fannin' Old Flamez.” The sequel “Puttin' Out Firez” will be released in early 2013. She finds inspiration from her own personal experiences as well as friends or friends of friends. Tracy currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. www.wix.com/tranjae/authortlcooper

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