Alicia Hill Jones

Author Spotlight 2013

It is FOR and ABOUT authors. Here we shine the light on authors who we’ve read, reviewed and recommend to others. In this edition we are shining our light on another gifted author…

Alicia Hill

Imagine giving birth to something that has developed inside you for over 20 years. It sounds
painful! And if ever possible, most women would throw in the sweaty, tearful towel. Alicia did—countless times. The combination of school, work, family, and fear of rejection aged her dream to become a published author, but it never died. At the end of the birthing process comes joy.

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Alicia Hill Jones discovered her love for creative writing at the age of 12. Growing up in a rough, low-income Southside neighborhood is part of her history—but not her story. Despite the odds, she graduated high school and was accepted into college. When the time came to select a college major, Journalism was considered but didn’t compare to the salary potential an Accounting degree offered. So, as many college students do, Alicia chose money over passion. Up until that point, she continued to write short stories, storing them in a three ring binder, which eventually became just a permanent fixture on her bookshelf. The pursuit of a writing career was swept to the back of her mind and she stepped into the corporate world.

Through life lessons and faith, Alicia realized that when God blesses you with a gift or talent
He will not let it return to Him void. In the fall of 2005, Alicia accepted her destiny and began writing Blessings of Purpose, a novel. Blessings of Purpose and her latest novel, When Two Become One, were produced under Destiny 11 Publications. Destiny 11 is a Christian based, self-publishing company founded by Alicia and one day she plans to use it as an avenue to present other aspiring authors to the world.

Alicia is currently working on her third novel to be release in the spring of 2014. When she’s not writing, she’s fulfilling her wifely and motherly duties to two busy little girls. She currently resides in Richmond, Virginia.


Hugs or Kisses? Hugs. They can be given to others more freely than kisses.

If you could try anything and not fail, what dream would you attempt? An internationally-known author. I would like to become the Oprah Winfrey of book writing.

I am so addicted to... Shoes! If I was wealthy, my shoes would definitely have their own room. I cannot walk into a store that has a shoe section and not wander in that direction. I justify my addiction because of my “above average” shoe size for a woman. Because I’ve worked in a shoe store I know that they only receive a couple in the size I wear and those sell fast. If I see a pair of shoes that I like in my size I MUST buy them because they won’t be on the shelf long.

What movie could you watch all day everyday if you could? It would have to be a comedy, so the first that comes to mind is “Coming to America.” I’ve watched this movie countless times and can recite most of the characters’ lines. My favorite part is when Arsenio Hall is the preacher and he’s talking about how good God is because, “He helped Daniel get out of the lion’s den and he helped Gilligan (*hits a high note*) get off the island!”

What is most memorable about your high school years? Being a pom-pom (dancer) girl and banner girl of the George Wythe HS Marching Band in Richmond, VA. It was fun performing at football games during halftime and in local parades. Not to mention, our school band was one of the best back then because we knew how to get the crowds hyped!

What is your favorite food? Seafood. I can’t narrow it down to one particular kind because I equally enjoy several. I’m also willing to try seafood that I’ve never had before—recently tried alligator and actually liked it. Some seafood is not good for my high cholesterol, but I indulge every now and then.

Bottled water or straight from the tap? Bottled water. It tastes better to me and is conveniently packaged to take on the go.

You have the opportunity to date any music-celebrity of your choice. Who would it be and why? LL Cool J aka James Todd Smith. That man is gorgeous! Time has been good to him in several ways. After all these years he’s managed to stay relevant in the music industry and has also ventured into other things like acting, fitness, and writing books. He’s business savvy and, again, gorgeous. Also, he’s been married to his teenage sweetheart for many years, so that shows that he has a sense of loyalty, which is rare in Hollywood. I would love to be on his arm going to a music award ceremony or movie premiere. Simone is a lucky woman!

What traits in others are you attracted to? A sense of humor (I love to joke around & laugh), down to earth personality (humbleness), ambition, intelligence, confidence (but not arrogance), eyes, smile, and fashion sense.

Which would you win – a dance off or a cook off? Dance off, most definitely. I love to dance (just as much as I love shoes). I try to keep up with the latest dance, thanks to my oldest daughter. She likes to see me dance (instead of being embarrassed), so I guess I’m good at it. At any moment if there is music playing in my house, my daughters and I can break into a dance party in the middle of the floor.


When Two Become One

“The characters and the emotions described were very real and because of that I would recommend this book to others.” – Tiffany Craig

“I absolutely loved this book. The character development was phenomenal. Jones does an excellent job of telling a story without being too preachy. This is a book that will make you reflect on your relationship. The material is real and for that reason, I highly recommend especially to those who want to work things out but don't know how.” - Literary Wonders!

“This book really took me by surprise. Rarely, have I read a book that at times, I did not like any of the characters. However, this is one of the best books I have read in the past four months.” - Book Referees


Blessings of Purpose

“This book is a divine inspiration to everyone who reads the novel with intent and purpose. Everyone should read the captivating words.” - Lisa D. Smith

“I hope God continues to anoint Mrs. Hill with the awesome spiritual gift of bringing more ‘everyday’ characters to life. I can't wait to see ‘Blessings of Purpose’ on the big screen!” - Suzette Morgan

"’Blessing of Purpose’ offers hope to the reader through a fast paced adventure packed true to life dramatic story of spiritual battle, deliverance, and finding God's purpose. Tight writing, compelling, and strong, with a heartwarming touch of God's presence.” - Richard R. Blake

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