Stepping to the stage is: All Things Literary Awards 2012

OOSA Online Book Club is pleased to present the first-ever ALL THINGS LITERARY AWARDS 2012. The winners will reflect a celebration of reading and writing.

Submit nominations online, in each of the categories, beginning April 1, 2012 through April 30, 2012. Nominations will be determined by the public, publishers nominations and a judging panel. A list of eligible entries will be compiled and sent to a confidential advisory committee. The committee ensures that all entries meet the eligibility criteria and all entries are in appropriate categories. The finalists will be asked to submit their complete novel via electronic submission. The works of the finalists will be read and evaluated by the panel of judges according to specific guidelines void of any identifying information. One winner will be selected per category. The winners will be determined through guidelines and a point system that will be followed by each of the judges.

The winners will be announced in St Louis at OOSA’s Pajama Book Jam in October.

Eligibility Requirements:
The nominee must have a new and original work published within the time period of March 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012. Books that are solely eBooks are not eligible.

Who May Nominate?
The nomination process is open. One nomination per category. Multiple nominations will be disregarded.

About the Judges:
To ensure fairness, the judging panel is made up of readers from across the U.S. , men and women of varying ages whose tastes expand the spectrum and include all genres.

Confidential Process:
To ensure integrity, the identity of the final nominees will be kept strictly confidential until after the judging process has been completed. The identity of the judges will remain confidential.

In addition, the Brenda Hampton Honorary Literacy Award winner will be announced. The winner of this award represents unique individuals who put forth every effort to uphold the standards of African American Literature. This honor includes writers, reviewers, editors, publishers, agents…all who have remained dedicated to the cause for years, who have inspired many others along the way and who have had a great impact on the industry as a whole. Recommendations for this award can be sent to:

About Us:
The All Things Literary Awards is presented by OOSA Online Book Club, an award-winning book club and reviewing team founded in 2005.

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