Pajama Jam 2014 Featured Author...

He is an editor. He is a creative writing instructor. He is an author. He won’t be defined by one genre.

We are happy to announce Pajama Jam 2014 featured author: Eric Myrieckes!

What: OOSA Pajama Jam
When: October 25, 2014
Who: Eric Myrieckes, Damon ‘Amin’Meadows, Rickey Teems II and…the next author will be revealed tomorrow!

“I was a straight cut-up. I just understood that words had power. They were an extension for me to express myself. At the time I wrote strictly to make the girls smile. When I took stock of my life, I decided to become an author because living a negative lifestyle had gotten me nowhere so I wanted to try my hand at doing something positive.” – Eric Myrieckes 

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