Pajama Jam 2014 Featured Author

An advocate for literacy, he is the author of four novels. Sensitive, caring and a hopeless romantic,  he lets the reader see sacred truths that men hide behind when they have been damaged by love and proves through his honest depictions of the complexity of men that being emotionally sensitive does not make a man weak. 

We are happy to announce Pajama Jam 2014 featured author: William Fredrick Cooper!

What: OOSA Pajama Jam
When: October 25, 2014
Who: William Fredrick Cooper, Eric Myrieckes, Damon ‘Amin’Meadows, Rickey Teems II and…the next author will be revealed tomorrow!

“Our community suffers when our intelligences as African-Americans is not maximized. Crazy stuff.” - William Fredrick Cooper

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