BOOK BLISS: The Premiere Magazine

We are offering an opportunity for promotion to our literary family. Book Bliss will be produced in conjunction with the annual Pajama Jam. All attendees will receive a copy. Our attendees include authors, aspiring authors, readers, and book club members. Book Bliss will also be distributed to our physical mailing list.

This opportunity is open to all with literary-related products and/or services. Similar products and services will be grouped together.

Space is limited. No spots will be saved without payment.

GOOD: Name, one book title, and web site - $10.00

BETTER: Books, web site (half-page) - $25.00 

BEST: Picture/logo, bio, books, web site (full-page) - $50.00 

Listings will be in black and white, much like the Yellow Pages.
Limited availability for color ads. Inquire by email.
After payment, email info here:

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