To Whom Much is Given, Much is Expected: An Author’s Responsibility

Stepping to the stage is: T.L. Tucker

Writing a book is much like sowing a seed. When a seed is planted, it is usually strategically placed under the soil where it could take root. If placed appropriately, the seed will get the proper nutrients needed to evolve into the root. What grows thereafter depends upon what kind of seed was planted. A farmer would never waste his time planting a seed that would not yield a crop fit to be consumed. So, as authors, why should we? I believe that authors have a huge responsibility to tell meaningful and purpose filled stories that make our readers laugh, cry, and think. An author’s job is to challenge readers while entertaining them.

It has been my experience being an indie author that there is a low expectation for quality pertaining to self-published work. Why do you think this is? I understand that putting out a quality product is much harder when you don’t have a mainstream publisher to dot all of your I’s and cross all of your T’s. However, it is the responsibility of the author to make sure that books are up to  industry standard in every aspect. Grammatical errors and usage issues have been a big eyesore in the indie literary community.  It is so important to HIRE an experienced editor. Once we have hired an editor, we must trust him/her to make appropriate revisions and suggestions. Everybody isn’t out to get our manuscripts with their red magic marker. Editors know exactly what the industry is looking for. Editors know what need to be changed and what takes away or adds to a story line. We have to trust that. With that said, let me say this, “the editor is not ALWAYS right,” but they are right most of the time.

Another big downfall in the indie community (especially with African American authors) is the way that men, women, and the African American community as a whole is depicted in our novels. Granted, there are drug dealers, promiscuous men and women, and gold digging women, but that is not all there is to the African American experience. There is so much more to being an African American in 2013. Ugly stories can be told with integrity and purpose. We can’t blame the media for depicting us in such a negative light if we ourselves write books that stereotype and depreciates us as a people. We have to take some of the responsibility. 

What kind of seeds are we sowing? Will our writing make a positive difference or inspire a positive change? Has money become the driving force in the literary community? Do we care about the messages that we are sending to the masses? Do we fully understand that when we have gone to meet our maker that our writings will be the legacy that we leave to our children and our children’s children? Our writing will be here after we are long gone and in essence will be the  universe’s only proof that we ever existed. My challenge question to you is this: What are you sowing into the universe? What legacy are you leaving?

Weapon of the Pen
Written by: T.L. Tucker
Gird yourselves my friends, with the weapon of your pens
And understand that what you write
can bring forth death, or bring forth life
Even though the words aren’t spoken
they have the power to leave one broken
Even though you may not hear them
They hold power when you read them
They plant a seed, fulfill a need
Crush a dream or build esteem

When you write, what are your deeds?

We have the gift, the power to make a positive change
Let’s us our gifts for that purpose, not to keep our people enslaved and in chains
With a stinky leg, lollipop, how low to the ground can you drop
And a pimp, hoe, gimmie that doe; how far are you willing to go?
No, I will not sale my soul, for any amount of money, or any measure of Gold

To totally understand what I’m saying to you
We have to acknowledge that these gifts are not our own
But bestowed to us from Him, who sits high and on His Throne
And should be used for Him alone

Our gifts from Him should be the gifts that keep on giving
That plant seeds, breathe life,
and encourage folks to keep on living

And so I say again
Gird yourselves my friends, with the weapon of your pens
And understand that what you write
Can bring forth death, or bring forth life

I choose Life…..

Author T. L. Tucker knew at a young age that writing was her passion aspiring in her senior yearbook to be a journalist. In 2008 she released her first book, Single & Saved in PG County, a self-help auto biography about dating, singleness, single parenting, and divorce. She has stepped out of the box with her new fictional novel Revenge Interrupted, setting a new standard for modern literature. In her latest novel she addresses the issue of family dysfunction, HIV, promiscuity, rape, and forgiveness. T.L. challenges society understanding that although we may not control our circumstances; we can control how we react to them. She has also written and produced her first short film based off of the highly acclaimed, novel. As an author and film maker her goal is to challenge society and plant the seeds of righteousness, integrity, and morals while entertaining them with her unique style of writing.

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