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He is a man of many names. He has written in a variety of secular genres and is the writing partner and ghostwriter for a few award-winning and bestselling authors. With his string of successes and renewed faith in God, he has finally decided to follow his calling to write for Christ.
She has been in love with the written word since preschool. She is an author and poet. Once writing explicit romance, she now dedicates all of her writings to God with the prayer that her stories will touch the hearts of her readers.
Successful in business, Isaiah and Allyson are also successful in love. A couple for three and a half years, almost two of which married, while they may not love the same books, they love each other and they love books.
She Said...
With hectic schedules, how do you two find the time to maintain a happy and healthy relationship? It is definitely not easy, between my business hours and his work hours, not to even mention our personal writing time. But we make it work, like I'll get up when he first gets home from work (early in the morning) just to spend time with him. He, in turn, will often stay up just to talk to me, even when he's two days past exhausted. We worship together, and sometimes it's as simple as taking a nap together, just to share each other's space.
What was it about Isaiah that made you know he was the one? I knew that he was the one when I realized that I felt so much peace around him, that I felt safe and loved and that it was okay to love again, I knew that God had sent me MY husband.
You're obviously both readers. Do you read the same books? If so, do you always agree about them?Sometimes we read the same books, and no we don't always agree, but we always enjoy talking about them. That is just one of the things that we enjoy together.
What's a romantic night for you two? A romantic night for us is a romantic dinner, whether we cook together or go out to eat, enjoying a good movie, and some chocolate covered fruit or wine and of course each other.
He Said...
How did you two meet? We met through participating in THE TRIUMPH OF MY SOUL anthology. After Elissa tried to get us together for some signings, we remained in touch.
What was it about Allyson that made you know she was the one? I knew Allyson was the one because God said she was. She was there for me during some of my darkest hours. She didn't run when she saw my bad side or heard my secrets.
Do you think the portrayal of black love in books today is an accurate depiction? I don't think the portrayal of black love is accurate at all. First off, all black men aren't thugs, drug dealers or excessively wealthy. We are not all muscular or mixed with something or have the biggest loaves of bread in the bakery. And every man doesn't want a 36-24-36...most MEN want a Proverbs 31 woman who's not scared to follow a Godly man. We are not all perfect, especially in our walks with Christ and we aren't perfect Christians either. Sometimes, I feel we present false images to the masses who look for the ideal man or woman based on some book that was read and not what's out there.
What is the key to a long-lasting relationship?Honesty and trust are keys to a long lasting relationship. Beauty is vain.
They Said...

"If God be for us who shall be against us?"
- No More* by J. Moss

*Allyson and Isaiah's song
OOSA ~ We're not your average book club!

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