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Stepping to the stage is: Al-Saadiq Banks 

While most know me as an urban fiction writer, many don’t know that originally I was an Art major.  I developed the love for art as a young child.  I spent most of my downtime drawing from the comic’s section of the newspaper, cereal boxes and sketching cartoon characters.  Just like all my other hobbies were put on the backburner as life progressed, so did art.  Although it was put on the backburner, I never lost the passion and appreciation for it.

Over the past few years I had become quite bored with urban fiction as the shelves became oversaturated.  With everyone writing urban tales I realized that I must do something to set myself apart from the rest, but what?  After years and years of pondering, it finally struck me to intertwine both of my passions. 

With my art skills being rusty from lack of use for so many years, I didn’t have confidence in it.  I interviewed artist after artist until I found one whose style was similar to my own.  The artist I chose came from a similar background as mine but the exact opposite.  He is a writing major who somehow ended up an artist.  Having an artist who knows writing made it easy for us to mix both worlds.  I simply translate the story to him and he brings the characters to life.  Together we create magic. 

My plan is to transform all my books into a comic book series and graphic novels.  To date I have 30 issues completed and I’m ready to launch one by one.  I believe that these comics have been a great tool to reinvent myself in the world of publishing and also strengthen the True 2 Life Brand.  
Issue Number 1, Block Party, is now available.

*Writer- Al-Saadiq Banks
*Art- CSA
*Ink-Rafael Chrestani
*Coloring- Ernest Jocson
*Lettering- Daniel Chan

Synopsis: Cashmere has just been released from federal prison after serving 7 years.  He’s paid his debt to the government.  Now he wants what he feels the streets owe him. His plan is to pick up from where he left off.  The only problem is the new generation has taken over and they refuse to accept orders from the middle aged veteran.  It’s 7 years later and the little boys he left back home have turned into grown men.  It’s their turn and they will not sit on the sideline and watch him take over.  Will he regain the throne or will he have to bow down?

The retail price is $4.95.

For Immediate Release
Contact: Al-Saadiq Banks, Publisher
Block Party Based on the Urban Fiction Essence Best Selling Block Party Series!

Urban Fiction Best Selling Author Al-Saadiq Banks makes a groundbreaking step into the world of comics.  As an independent author/publisher Al-Saadiq Banks has sold nearly 600,000 books on a national level.  He plans to use his readership base as his platform and launching pad into the comic world.  He will make his grand entrance with a comic based on his best selling novel Block Party.  In total he has 8 novels in which each of them have been converted into comics and graphic novels.  In total he has 25 issues ready to unleash. 

Produced by True 2 Life Publications, Block Party Comic Book is a new series.  It depicts the urban lifestyle and street life in the inner city ghettos.  The story is by Al-Saadiq Banks, adapted from the Block Party series which consists of four novels. 

Fans can find this and all other works by Al-Saadiq Banks at local bookstores, and

Art for this comic is available upon request.

Born and raised in the city of Newark, New Jersey, at an early age Al-Saadiq Banks was introduced to boxing and found it to be the perfect tool to balance out his frustrations.  He became a noted Golden Glove Champion, a contract away from a professional boxing career.  Unfortunately, at the same time, Al-Saadiq was heavily engaged in a battle outside of the ring with ‘the street life.’  His life made a turn for the worse when he chose the streets over boxing.  That turn led to a life a crime on the streets of Newark. At the height of his criminal journey, the birth of his daughter made him realize that he wanted more out of his life.  He then made the decision to be a father and not a criminal.  Stuck standing at the crossroad, not sure of which way to go, he picked up a pen and a pad and started jotting down the mind blowing events that he had seen firsthand in his lifetime.
Today he has successfully published several novels.  Al-Saadiq is the founder of publishing house True 2 Life Publications. His hopes are to not only deter the youth from a similar life of crime but to inspire adults who are living the same lifestyle to make a change.  Through his writing he hopes to help them to understand that there is hope and they can make something of themselves through hard work and determination. 

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