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Stepping to the stage is: OOSA

LIE: OOSA is offering editing services.

TRUTH: OOSA is publishing a book.

LIE: OOSA offers video reviews by request.

OOSA is publishing a book. That’s right. But not just any book. An anthology. An anthology like you haven’t read before. Who are the authors? We don’t know. Maybe YOU!

What makes this book so different? OOSA is issuing a challenge to authors AND readers.

Challenge for Writers: Write a story in a genre or style you’ve never written in or published before.

Are you an author who has always wanted to write outside of the genre you currently write in? Have you been typecast as a *insert genre* author? Do you normally write erotica but want to take a stab at a thriller/mystery? Do you write street lit but want to write in another genre to show your versatility? Are you a Christian fiction writer who has always wanted to write romance? Have you always written in third person but want to expand to first person? Do you always write from the point of view of females and want to write from the mind of males?

Here is your opportunity to step outside of your writing box and try something different. Something new. And guess what? You can do it without readers knowing and prejudging you based on previous works. You can receive honest feedback and the opinion of the public on your change in style without your name being associated with it. That’s right. You will remain anonymous unless you wish to disclose your identity after an agreed upon time. We won’t tell if you won’t tell…

Challenge for Readers: How well do you know your favorite writers’ style? Could you identify their work without their name on it even if they’re writing something a little different? Do you know your favorite author’s voice unmistakably?

Here’s your opportunity to put that to a test. For the authors who choose to identify themselves, we will hold a contest. If you guess the author(s) correctly you will win a prize.

Now accepting short story submissions for our first-ever anthology. All genres welcome.

We welcome work from writers of all experiences. Whether your story pushes boundaries, makes someone laugh, teaches, entertains, sparks conversations, or highlights social needs –we’re interested in it all. Dramatic, creative, humorous, somber, poetic or lyrical – send it to us.

A successful submission will include a mix of plot and character development.

Minimum: 8,000 words

Maximum: 20,000 words

Deadline for submissions is December 31, 2013.


More important than word count is the quality of your work. We prefer stories that are well-focused and quick-paced, but will allow less or extra words for an amazing story.

While we are not expecting submissions free of any errors, entries that show no or little signs of care, concern, or quality will be disregarded.

Multiple submissions welcome, no more than 3.

No stories that have been published previously in any form, or has been submitted for publishing elsewhere and has not yet been rejected.

OOSA has exclusive rights for six months from the publication date in early 2014.

Send submissions to:

Please include:

· Your name
· Story Title
· Story Word Count
· Two or three-sentence synopsis
· State your challenge

Manuscript must follow these guidelines:

· One-inch margins
· A single, clear, 12-point typeface
· Double-spaced text
· No extra space between paragraphs
· An indented first line for each paragraph

Happy writing!

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