Come Party with...Alex Richardson

Alex Richardson has been a person of imagination since he was a child. Writing short stories and aspiring to be an actor, as a child he never knew what avenues to take to unleash that talent. After the military, he became an undercover narcotics detective where he worked the mean streets of Gary, Indiana. That’s where his life made the turn to writing novels. Alex wrote a book about his life undercover in his first novel. After receiving praise for his true crime novel, Alex decided to pen his first urban fiction title. When the cries for more novels came, Alex focused on writing to please his fans. He is known as a man of many genres, writing everything from urban fiction, erotica, and true crime to suspense thrillers. Alex writes to please readers and have them feel as if they are in the story. He wants them glued to a seat, couch, bed or bath and not wanting to move as they read his novels.

Why did you choose to participate in this literary event?  I choose to be a part of the event because I love meeting readers and interacting with them. Also because I was at the event last year as a guest and had a great time and want to help OOSA continue to help our literary world move forward in a positive way.

What is your favorite pajama party game/memory? When we had to mention five movies actors played in. You could tell people knew them but when they were chosen to speak their minds went blank. "Name five movies Denzel played in." Over seven people got it wrong including myself.

What are your favorite pair of pajamas? My favorite pajamas are simply cool ones. I hate being hot while sleeping.

What are you most looking forward to at the Pajama Party? I'm looking forward to seeing the ladies of OOSA, readers, and authors who I met last year for the first time and new readers as well. Oh, yeah and most of all fans of mine who are traveling to see me for the first time.

Pack your overnight bags
Step out in your jammies
Join OOSA Online Book Club and your favorite authors:

Wahida Clark
Justin ‘Amen’ Floyd
Moses Miller
Chris Renee
Alex Richardson

Books, Food, Dancing, Games, Give-a-ways, Dinner & Fun!!!

Calling all book club members, readers and friends to come out and PLAY!

WHEN: October 26, 2013

WHERE: Hilton, St. Louis Airport

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