Come Party With Justin 'Amen' Floyd

Justin Floyd's life is a book.  A book that you won’t be able to put down until after you’ve absorbed and digested every sentence, every single word.  Page after page, chapter after chapter of tears, laughter, poverty, incarceration, anger, oppression, pain and change.  After being sentenced to 10 years for bank robbery, he continued to unconsciously rebel against the system.  Then he discovered the power of words.  Writing allowed him a brief reprieve from the stifling, oppressive, violent environment in which he lived.

And so Justin started writing.  It became his escape, his salvation.  Learning that he had the ability to make people feel his words, his stories, let him know that he could be something else besides a career criminal.  Writing allowed him the ability to change and also gave him another avenue to express his anger at a system that had stacked the deck against him and so many others like him.

Why did you choose to participate in this literary event?  I chose to be a part of this literary event because I attended the previous year, and not only had a great time, but also had a chance to connect with readers and other authors in a less formal setting. Basically, I had a great time.

What is your favorite pajama party game/memory? My favorite game was the one where authors were given a word and had to use everything EXCEPT words to get their team members to guess what that word was.

What are your favorite pair of pajamas? I don’t have a favorite pair of pajamas…I sleep naked.

What are you most looking forward to at the Pajama Party? I’m looking forward to connecting with the many readers, authors, and book clubs that will be attending from all over the country. I'm also looking forward to being a featured author. Lol

Pack your overnight bags
Step out in your jammies
Join OOSA Online Book Club and your favorite authors:

Wahida Clark

Justin ‘Amen’ Floyd

Moses Miller

Chris Renee

Alex Richardson

Books, Food, Dancing, Games, Give-a-ways, Dinner & Fun!!!

Calling all book club members, readers and friends to come out and PLAY!

WHEN: October 26, 2013
WHERE: Hilton, St. Louis Airport

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