Dijorn Moss

It is FOR and ABOUT authors. Here we shine the light on authors who we’ve read, reviewed and recommend to others. In this edition we are shining our light on another gifted author...

Dijorn Moss
Dijorn Moss was born and raised in Carson, California. Like most boys in Carson, he wanted to play for the Lakers. Despite being tall, he had zero athletic ability.  His parents taught him that if he wanted something in life, then he had to be willing to work hard for it and not make excuses. They did not just talk to me about hard, they both modeled hard work.  After the age of 10, Dijorn spent five years at a nonpublic school. It was difficult for him being teased for not going to a regular school like the rest of the kids in the neighborhood, but he found a love for writing and basically wrote his way out of nonpublic school.  He later went on to graduate from San Jose State in with a degree in English.  

Dijorn is the author of “The Retreat,” “The Retreat 2,” and “My Father’s House.” He and his are living the good life in South Gate.    


If you had a 60 second Super Bowl advertisement, what would you want to show a billion people? I would want for the commercial to advertise my upcoming book: “When It All Falls Down.”

The trait I most admire in women is... wisdom.

What is your ringtone? My ringtone is the standards ringtone right now but I usually have a jazz ringtone.

Every man should own: Every man should own a Bible and a copy of Ralph Ellison's “The Invisible Man.”

What music do you hate and why? Heavy Metal and A lot today's Hip Hop because the music focuses more on noise than content.

My favorite snack is... Red Vines and Dr. PEPPER.

Which app would you be lost without? I would literally be lost without my Netflix app wand Google maps.

Lemonade or ice tea? Sweetened ice tea.

What was the first big thing you bought with your own money? I can’t remember the first big thing but recently I bought a Kindle Fire that is glued to my hand. 

What is your favorite thing to do on a Sunday? On Sundays my family and I like to go to church then we go to breakfast. I take a long nap and in the evening we go and get frozen yogurt and watch our favorite TV shows.

The Retreat

“I would have never thought a book about a men's retreat would have me intrigued. I enjoyed this book for different reasons…The Retreat is very inspiring, and will have you questioning your own relationship with God.” – Urban Reviews

“This book is absolutely inspiring and I encourage all to read. Great work, Dijorn! "The Retreat" has influenced me to redevelop my relationship with God for 2011.” - OOSA

The Retreat II

“I read this book very quickly! It was so amazing how the situations in the book were so realistic.” – Sassy Queen

“I was quite impressed that this sequel was just as engaging as the first book. This is an excellent sequel that deals with four male friends and their relationship as well as the relationships and problems within their families.” – Lovely Lady

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