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Born and raised in Houston, Texas Stacy-Deanne (Dee-Anne) is a proud Southern belle! She has much love for the culturally-diverse city as well as the economic advantages Houston has to offer. The world is your oyster in H-Town!

Like most Texans Stacy eats, drinks and thinks sports! She grew up following tennis, basketball and football. She is a huge basketball and football fan. Go Texans!

Stacy is single, has no kids and has just started school to get her Bachelor’s in English to open even more doors for her in the writing field.

She is one of the few black mystery and crime fiction writers in the industry. She is also one of few if not the only author that mixes hardcore crime novels with interracial romance elements. She is a huge believer of black authors being free to write what they want to and not what people expect them to.

A now accomplished author with awards as well as two African-American Literary nominations, Stacy does everything in her power to encourage others to follow their dreams. She has mentored writers as well as regularly writes articles giving advice to newbies of the industry. Stacy is a big believer in supporting other authors and cherishes readers. Whenever a reader picks up her work, if they enjoyed it then there is no other reward better than that.

What’s next for Stacy?

She is currently working on other installments in her Interracial Suspense Series. “Giving up the Ghost” (Book 1) and “The Season of Sin” (Book 2). The third installment in Stacy’s series as well as a standalone is slated to be released in 2013 by Peace in the Storm Publishing.


What is the last thing you lent that never came back? My Soul.

If someone should ask you a question, or bring up a topic, that would certainly make you speak (in other words, about something you have a lot to say), what would that be? Do I feel that women really have equal rights.

What do you do to relax after a busy day? Rearrange all the dead bodies in my basement. *winking* Just kidding. I never rearrange them. LOL! Okay, okay, I love to laugh and I love comedies! So I love to watch a good comedy film or a comedy special to relax. I love films in general but comedies help me to relieve stress better than anything.

What would be your ideal one-month vacation? Going to England and being seduced by a rich Brit! Enough said.

What was your favorite game growing up? UNO, baby!

Who is your celebrity crush? Stephen Dorff. Actually he's more like an obsession but he's lucky that I'm too lazy to stalk him.

Are you happy with the person you've become? Somewhat. I mean no one is perfect and I am sure we all have things we want to change about ourselves if we had the ability. As far as how I live my life, I try to be the best person I can be. But there are things about myself I wish I didn't have to deal with.

Do you have any nicknames? I've had many but my main one from childhood is Bootsy. Don't ask me why.

What is your favorite word? Resurrection.

Do you prefer talking on the phone or texting? Texting.


“I loved every minute and am proud to recommend this story to all!” - Huntress Reviews

“There was never a dull moment in this novel, you don't believe me!? Then see for yourself!” - One2Go Book Reviews

“This is one book that I could read time and time again. This mind-stopping, heart-pounding, ground-breaking book; is better than words can say.” - Book Hall of Fame Literary Reviews


“Though this theme, ‘star-crossed lovers,’ has intrigued many writers and has been done over and over again, Stacy-Deanne's story holds its own weight. I found it enjoyable, easy to read and entertaining. I hope she revisits these characters again in the future.” – OOSA

“True love and loyalty are challenged and the drama, fast pace, terror and fully developed characters in this inspiring street plot make Everlasting by Stacy-Deanne a very enjoyable read.” - Connie

“It is a cleverly written novel that keeps interest high from the very first page. It is well worth reading.” - The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers


“The captivating characters, intriguing plot and smoldering romance made me feel as if I watched this in a Lifetime movie. If you like romantic suspense novels check out Stacy Deanne's GIVING UP THE GHOST!” - The RAWSISTAZ(tm) Reviewers

“This is a page-turning book of surprises that kept me intrigued until the end. I recommend this book to others.” - A&RBC Reviews

“My three word review: thrilling, riveting, fast-paced.” – Shelia Goss


“This was such an AWESOME read! Just the right amount of everything to make it sinfully delicious!” – Readers Paradise

“This book provides drama, excitement and is definitely entertaining.” - APOOO BookClub

“If you are looking for an excellent suspense mystery that is truly captivating, you have come to the right novel and yes I would recommend ‘The Season of Sin’ as a read for you.” – Arlena Dean

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