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Nakia Laushaul is an inspirational poet, motivational speaker, novelist and entrepreneur.  Inspired and fueled by attempts to be molded into the norm, she began to write her first collection of poetry and essays titled, “The Truth As I See It: In Poetry & Prose” which was released in 2010 by Serendipity Bound Books. Her sophomore project, “Running from Solace,” a novel was released in 2011. “Running from Solace” is the 2011 USA Book News Best Books Award Winner for African-American Fiction. Nakia is currently working on her third book.

Nakia remains determined to present the truth as she sees it in all facets of her writing, and hopes that her writing will inspire and serve a meaningful purpose for her readers. She is committed to challenging everyone within her reach to find compassion and empathy in the differences that exist among us all.

Nakia resides in Houston, Texas, with her son and is currently working on her third book.


Receipts – keep them or throw them away?  Ouch! I’m an accounting professional by paycheck and so I say keep them until the next tax period. But really, it depends on the receipt because there are so many factors. Let me see it first lol.

Weave is…Just a part of our culture and we might as well get used to it. Now, when it starts looking like you stuck your whole fist in a light socket, then it’s time to step back and smack your stylist. The flyaway weave look is not cute.

Do you always buckle your seatbelt in the car?  Yes! I’m super paranoid. Everything I do, I think about my son and how if I’m not here then he will have no one. After getting this far, I can’t get taken out by my own stupidity now can I?

If I could go back and talk to the 18-year-old me, I’d tell myself:  Little sister, there is no shortcut. Quit running around in circles avoiding your destiny because you’re only pushing it further and further away and in the end you’ll have that much further to go. Just thinking about all the time I was out there spinning my wheels, gaining years and losing progress makes me sad. Hindsight is 20/20, ain’t it?!?

Summer or winter?  Winter! I live in the South and it’s only gonna get but so cold and it won’t last that long either. Plus, I’m in my fashion element because I dig winter clothes; scarves, boots, hats and long skirts.

What advice did your parents give you that you've given to your son?  Truth talk, right? Don’t judge me. Honestly, none that I would be willing to pass on. I’m a generational curse breaker and all that foolishness (with God’s will) ends with me. The only thing they taught me was what not to do. It took me a minute to figure out (light bulb moment) that I should do the exact opposite as them if I wanted better results. My own way worked. 

What has surprised you most about parenting?  That deep down love. I mean, one look at my son and I’m in love with him all over again like I’m just seeing him for the first time. I never knew it was possible to love someone so much more than you love yourself. And he loves me back and I can feel it like its tangible, plugged up into an outlet or something. Like I want to ball him up and put him right back in my stomach so I can protect him and hide him from this ugly ole world. J is the first person I ever truly loved in my life and that kind of love surprised me.

Right now, I am reading...”The Healing of Love and Laughter” by Rickey Teems II.

What is the last thing you do every night before bed?  I usually don’t go to bed—I pass out. This author life is no joke and it eats up every waking minute of my life. I’m either thinking about a story, marketing, going over my calendar, making friends on Facebook/Twitter, talking to God, always something.

My most prized possession is...Do I have to pick just one? I guess since I can’t physically possess J or God, then it will be my memory stick. If my house was on fire I would run back in to save it. Where I’ve been is on that stick as well as where I’m going. I could start over from scratch with that just that little blue stick in my pocket.


“This is a must read.”  – Dream 4 More Book Reviews

“Taking an unflinching approach to some of our most significant modern folkways and mores, ‘The Truth As I See It’ is a powerfully insightful literary collection.  A recommended read.” – Apex Reviews

“Nakia R. Laushaul has penned a striking work of art…Bravo!” – Monique Mensah, author of Smoke Screen


“Nakia Laushaul has written a page-turner that immediately draws the reader into the lives of these women.  The plot is engaging and the characters are well developed…A brilliant story.” – F. Shirer

 “Overall, ‘Running from Solace’ is an engaging novel by Ms. Laushaul that will take readers on an emotional journey…readers and book clubs will enjoy discussing this book.” – KC Girlfriends Book Club

“Nakia Laushaul’s style of writing is phenomenal; she grabs the heart of the reader from the first line of the book…Authors, take note of Nakia Laushaul!!!  I haven’t felt this strong about a book in a long time.”- OOSA

For more information about Nakia, visit her website: or blog, Random Rants of Truth of a Social Butterfly:

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