Ceasar Mason

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Ceasar Mason is a first generation Trinidadian-American. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, to parents that migrated to the United States in the late sixties. His formidable years were spent on the southern Caribbean island of Trinidad.

Between the ages of four and ten, he was immersed in the culture and rich heritage that Trinidad had to offer. It was during this period that he developed a strong discipline and work ethic, to which he credits his Aunt Monica, who raised him during this time.

Ceasar returned to Crown Heights, Brooklyn in the early eighties as the crack epidemic began. Like many young men of his day, the allure of the streets was more fascinating than higher learning. After an arrest that landed him in Baltimore, Maryland’s Herman L. Toulson boot camp, he realized that he had a talent to write.

Upon graduation from boot camp, Ceasar remained in Baltimore where he enrolled at Morgan State University’s business management program. He would never return to the streets. In 1997 he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he currently strives as an entrepreneur. He visits his native New York often but certainly prefers the winters of the South.


You see a quarter on the sidewalk. Do you pick it up? Absolutely; wipe it off, kiss it up to the sky and in my pocket it goes.

If you could posses any superpower, what power would you choose and why? I would like the power to decimate fear. Simply because I watch so many people living lives contrary to their purpose and the only thing that is stopping them is FEAR.

When it comes to virtue, loyalty and honor can’t nobody tell me nothing!

What one thing would an ex say she missed most about you? My attentiveness to her needs.

What is one movie or book you did not like that everyone seemed to love? Titanic; I just did not get it.

The trait I most admire in women is...confidence

What is the first thing you do in the morning? Thank the Creator for opening my eyes.

What has most surprised you about writing? How much your audience could really connect with you.

My greatest regret is...not playing football in college.

Right now I'm reading...Karen E. Quinones Miller’s “Harlem Godfather.” It’s good.


“From the onset you are pulled into his experiences with vivid and graphic detail…Mr. Mason articulates this story in a fashion that allows you the freedom to draw your individual conclusion about each character. You are on an emotionally charged roller coaster ride from page one. I definitely recommend this book for entertainment, education, and information as Mr. Mason takes you inside the adult entertainment and sex trafficking world.” - Sybrena

“I really enjoyed this book it was so well thought out and written, I felt as if I was on a ride with the writer. I could feel every emotion of each character…Can't wait for his next creation. Write on Mr. Mason write on!” - Honei

“It's a dramatic, and sometimes tragic and heartbreaking, book that exposes the danger of escorting and what drives young women into that line of work. Mason tells the story in first person, and the reader is drawn in from the very first line. It's Mason's first book, but reading will make you anxiously await his next.” – Karen E. Quinones Miller, author.

“I found this to be an informative book. Within the pages of ‘OnCall: Escorting in Atlanta,’ Ceasar Mason provided statistics to solidify his information. Escorting and Human Trafficking is real in our world. It's time that we stand up and take notice.” - OOSA

“This is one of the best up close and personal without being in the escort business books you will ever enjoy. I enjoyed this book from the beginning to the end. This one will make you feel a connection to each and every individual…Thank you Mr. Mason for such a life changing novel.” – Rhonda Smith

“I could say hands down, this was one of the best books I've read. I was able to relate to the mentality of the main two women characters in some strange way. The book kept me involved and interested from the beginning to the end. It was definitely an easy read. I am looking forward to a sequel.” – Anissa M

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