ARC Book Club Inc. Presents... The Official Literary Recipe Book

Stepping to the stage is: Locksie Locks

Locksie Locks gives an inside peek into the conception of “ARC Book Club Inc Presents...The Official Literary Recipe Book.”

The Ladies of ARC have been kicking around the idea of putting together a cookbook. But we didn't want our book to be just another cookbook, and we wanted to keep the focus on our literary objectives, so we invited a handful of selected authors to come on board with us. Each ARC reviewer had to bring four authors names to the table, and we were all in agreement that there should be a mixture of seasoned authors as well as debut authors.

To set our "Recipe" book apart from others we asked that the recipes submitted represent a specific character from the author's writing catalogue.  We then took it one step further; why not have the chosen character introduce the recipe and preparation themselves!

Concept: To introduce some of Urban Fiction’s memorable characters and inform readers of books and their talented authors. The bonus is a delicious culinary treat! The Official Literary Recipe Book is designed to incite interest and intrigue in the books and characters it represents. Upon completion of this “literary recipe” readers should have 19 different book suggestions and a 'taste' of each character's personality.

In our preliminary stages of the project English and I chose two authors, Steven Van Patten, and Loretta R. Walls whom we call our headlining authors, and gave them the task of being the first two to complete and submit their contributions to us.

Steven and Loretta were to pick one of their characters, write an introduction bringing the characters to life showcasing their personality. Then they were to introduce a recipe of their choice; be it an appetizer, entree, dessert, or beverage, then the ingredients and preparation of the recipe, concluding with the name of the book, author, and contact information.

SVP and Loretta wasted no time and had their submissions to us within two days! They were both very excited about the project and ARC was delighted with their submissions!

Perspective: Our headlining submissions were sent out to our selected authors so they would have an idea of what we were looking for along with a welcoming letter.

The outcome: 19 literary characters introducing 34 culinary treats with step-by-step instructions. There are a variety of tones within the submissions; some are raunchy, comical, and some will just make you say, "Shut yo' mouth!"

Contributing authors include: Steven Van Patten, Loretta R. Walls, Iris Bolling, Rickey Teems II, Karen E. Quinones Miller, Nikki Michelle, Rahiem Brooks, J.M. Benjamin, Shai,  Deborah "Sexy" Cardona, Julia Press-Simmons, Moses Miller, The 1Essence, Keith Kareem Williams, June Miller, Caroline McGill, Freddie Simmons, David L., and Arlene Brathwaite.

For Pre-orders:
Release date: January 7th 2012
Available on and ARC Book Club Inc. Official Website

A special THANK YOU to all our contributors and supporters on this project.

ARC Book Club Inc. is a diverse and informative outlet for literary passions. They encourage and support the literary bond between readers and authors. ARC Book Club motivates readers to review literature of both established and debut authors.  They also encourage authors to promote, sponsor, and channel the literary field through our organization.

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