It is FOR and ABOUT authors.  Here we shine the light on authors who we’ve read, reviewed and recommend to others.  In this edition we are shining our light on another gifted author…

N’Tyse is the erotic romance author of several best-selling novelsShe is also executive producer and director of the upcoming documentary film Beneath My Skin which was filmed in her hometown Dallas, Texas. While N’Tyse spells out exotic seduction, the true significance behind her name takes on an entire new meaning. The acronym translates to NeverTell Your Secrets ―a message she envelops within her stimulating taboo tales.  

The author’s passion for writing dates back to a very young age where she found poetry, music, and creative writing as an outlet of escape. In 2007 N’Tyse ambitiously penned and self-published her freshmen and sophomore novels, My Secrets Your Lies and Stud Princess Notorious Vendettas. Determined to see her works reach national and international audiences and markets, she pitched her third project to a traditional publisher. Twisted Seduction quickly landed N’Tyse a publishing deal with Strebor/Simon & Schuster.  
A private banker and financial counselor for over 12 years, N'Tyse currently juggles her writing career as a fulltime mom, wife, and filmmaker, while also pursuing her bachelor’s degree in creative/screenwriting and business entertainment. Her literary contributions have been featured in magazines and several bestselling anthologies. N’Tyse currently resides in Dallas, Texas, where she is hard at work on her next novel and film project.


If you were granted three wishes, what would you ask for? Heal the world of sickness, $500 million, and a faster burning metabolism. LOL!

Do you have any unusual collections? Socks.

If you have to choose a movie for your life story, what would that be? It hasn’t been written.

One TV show I just won’t miss is: Honey Boo Boo.       

Can you swim? No

What is the one food that you would never give up? Cornbread

*Social media* is the greatest invention in my lifetime. Social media.

Would you rather take the picture or be in the picture? Take the picture.  

If I could invade someone’s closet, it would be: Tamar Braxton.

What’s the biggest misunderstanding about you? That I’m quiet.

This or That...
Rain or Snow? Snow
Hot or Cold? Cold
Night or Day? Day
On or Off? On
Pen or Pencil? Pen


"A fascinating novel of secrets and seduction....N'Tyse cleverly delivers all that her name stands for: Never Tell Your Secrets." ― Zane

“I just love the way this woman writes. Her descriptions can be seen in your mind, and felt every-where else. The twists and turns didn't stop nor did they disappoint. The climax of this novel was totally unexpected, and I loved it. I will continue to be a fan and supporter of this amazingly talented woman!” ―Ms. Poetic

“N’Tyse spells it out for readers in this shocking story that will keep you turning pages until the very explosive end.” ―Missy, Readers Paradise Book Club

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Twisted Seduction (Part 1)
An erotic, drama-laced journey into the lives of two best friends who will stop at nothing to have the man of their dreams—even when the cost of betrayal has a price tag neither of them are quite ready to pay.  

Twisted Vows of Seduction (Part 2) Releases DEC. 10, 2013
“Some secrets aren’t meant to be kept.” In this scandalously provocative soap-drama series, deceit, seduction, and a tempestuous affair intertwines the lives of lascivious lovers who will go above and beyond to keep their sexual trysts a secret, but the curse of temptation will lead to revelations that may result in their own demise.

Books may be purchased wherever books are sold: Barnes and Nobles, Books A Million, Amazon, etc. and downloadable on all e-readers.

My Secrets Your Lies
Stud Princess, Notorious Vendettas
Twisted Seduction
Twisted Vows of Seduction


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