Alex Richardson

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Alex Richardson has been a person of imagination since he was a child. Writing short stories and aspiring to be an actor, as a child he never knew what avenues to take to unleash that talent. After deciding to join the U.S. Army as a Military Policeman and Paratrooper, he entered special ops and was afforded the opportunity to see the world. In Japan, Panama, Korea, Egypt, Guam, Germany and Cuba, he learned about many cultures and uses that knowledge when he writes. After the military, he became an undercover narcotics detective where he worked the mean streets of Gary, Indiana, when that city was the murder capital of the nation. That’s where his life made the turn to writing novels. Alex wrote a book about his life undercover in his first novel, Lines Crossed (the true story of an undercover cop).

After receiving praise for his true crime novel, Alex decided to pen his first urban fiction, The Corner (Slim’s Revenge) and an erotica, Lies, Lust, Consequences. Alex hustled the streets of the Midwest at beauty salons, barber shops, expos and anywhere anyone would support him. When the cries for more novels came, Alex focused on writing to please his fans, and in five years he wrote an additional six novels and is currently working on his tenth and eleventh.

Alex is known as a man of many genres, writing everything from urban fiction, erotica, and true crime to suspense thrillers. He is currently writing a screenplay since many of the reviews he receives from The Corner series are that the books are like a movie or television series. Alex writes to please readers and have them feel as if they are in the story. He wants them glued to a seat, couch, bed or bath and not wanting to move as they read his novels.


What is most memorable about your high school years? I remember the guidance counselor telling my friend and me we should either go work in the steel mill or the military. He had no idea I had an artistic mind. They never told black kids that there was such a school as Columbia College where you would become a writer, actor or film director even though that’s what I told him I wanted to be. It drives me now.

If you were invisible, where would you go? Where ever President Obama, Warren Buffet, Jay-Z, Spike Lee and Tyler Perry went so I could soak up their knowledge and ideas.

I have a crush on…Sanaa Lathan.

First on the dance floor or play the wall a bit? Play the wall a bit.

Apples or oranges? Oranges. They are juicier and more things can be done with them. What do you expect? I write erotica also.

What is your greatest accomplishment? Having two beautiful daughters and becoming a talented writer.

My favorite food to cook is: anything on the grill. But will cook anything. I love to cook for women. Love dinner parties.

Who was your favorite celebrity as a child? Eddie Murphy.

I love a woman who has: a quirkiness about herself. A great personality and who loves to dress in about anything. Oh, yeah, and supportive of her man because I would be the same to her.

What is your favorite sport? Football. Chicago Bears. I’ve always wanted to play for the University of Miami. The U, enough said!

What’s next for Alex? The Corner 6 - September 25. Club Enigma - New Year's Eve. Casualty of Love - Nov 2012.


“Definitely a book that you should read and learn a few lessons from!” – Marissa Palmer

“I passed over this book several times because I was unfamiliar with the author. When I finally bought it, my only regret was not buying it sooner!” – D. Bell


“I am enjoying everything that he has written, keep them coming.” – Vanessa Harris

“Another great novel by Alex Richardson and can't wait for the next one.” – Beebee


“You will not be disappointed in this book.” – Kimberly Thompson

“This book was GREAT, ENJOYED all the short stories. My first read by this author, look forward to reading future books.” - MSP

For more information on Alex Richardson go to:!/alex.richardson.7121

Urban Fiction
The Corner (Slim’s Revenge)
The Corner II (The Queen Pin)
The Corner III (No Way Out)
The Corner 4 (Gunsmoke)
The Corner 5 (It’s All in the Game)
The Corner 6 (A man named Baby G) Sept. 25

True Crime
Lines Crossed (the true story of an undercover cop)
Lies, Lust, Consequences

Suspense Thriller
Vanessa, Vanessa

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