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Why do you like to read? I LOVE to read because it opens another world for me. Many times I can escape into someone else's life and try to predict how the story will unfold. I often laugh, cry and fuss at the characters and the crazy decisions that they make. Reading is better than watching reality TV...most times.

What must any good review possess?  A good review must talk about the character development, the flow of the storyline and address any editing issues or problems with the story. The focus has to stay on the book and not the author.

Is reviewing a service that reviewers should be compensated for? I don't feel that reviewers should be compensated for a review (other than supplying a copy of the book). To me, when you pay someone for a review you have the expectation that it will be favorable.

Do you feel black women are accurately portrayed in literature? If you feel the portrayal is inaccurate, what would you like to see instead?  Black women are so diverse that I feel it's hard to answer this question. You have to read across all genres to see black women from various aspects and not many readers do that. I would like to see more stories about every day middle class black women which deal with every day issues...but that isn't what is popular with readers today.

If you could drive one point across to all authors, what would it be and why?  Avid readers want quality not perfect your craft. Treat writing like you would a big time corporate job - research, spend the time and money on a good editor, listen to your readers and learn from the reviews (good and bad).

If you could give an overall rating for AA fiction today, what would be your rating?  4 out of 5...there are hundreds of unknown African American authors that have written in genres other than urban lit that mainstream readers don't know about. Readers need to try other genres - historical, Christian, romance, see that there are well written books to be read.

About Monique

Monique is a Professor of Political Science and Coordinator of the Reach Higher Adult Degree Completion Program at a college in Oklahoma. She has dedicated an endless amount of time and hard work to support the community working with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc and OKC Urban League Young Professionals. Monique loves to read and has been reviewing for over ten years. She has reviewed for, RAWSISTAZ, Real Page Turners, and numerous other online sites, magazines and newsletters, but most recently she has posted reviews on and


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